What is migraine? Much worst than just a simple headache!

Headache has more than 250 versions, one of them is migraine. Migraine is connected with intense pulsating and convulsive pain, and the attacks may last from  4 to 72 hours. The frequency of the attacks is variable from a few per year to several a week. In these days the  people concerned suffer to a nearly unbearable extent. Most of them can endure this period only in dark and quiet room lying in bed.

1. Migraine with aura

This version is accompanied by aura that manifests in  sensitivity to light, sound and smells, nausea and vomiting.  These symptoms may precede the headache, however they may occur also simultaneously and last during the whole attack.

2. Migraine without aura

Migraine without aura is a type of headache that is not necessarily accompanied by these symptoms. It comes out of nowhere causing intense, pulsating pain lasting for days.

The pain hits in both cases with such an intensity that is near to being insupportable and the feeling of sickness endures even after the acute ache had stopped.

What are the causes of the migraine?

Migraine is to be due to many different factors; static of the spinal column as well as hormonal imbalance, chronic accumulation of toxic materials. It may also go back to  nerve problems neurologists may have generally excluded on previous examinations (more details here).

What can be done?

The migraine had been longtime considered to be incurable, since the usual therapies had remained unsuccessful, or had produced only weak results. Even if good results had been achieved they had lasted only for short time. The therapy  had been confined mostly to pain assuaging. If this had not helped any more or could not be applied because of emergence of too many side effects a feeling of despair had taken hold more and more.

What do we do?

Our examination is not be restricted to the head, being the source of the pain but it is extended to the whole body, especially to the dorsum, the cervical spine and above all to the teeth

Today there are very efficient therapies available, based on the latest results of scientific research and developed for individual treatment.

In order to choose the appropriate  therapy the individual should be first examined thoroughly and all-out. The individual causes should be explored and the individualized therapy applied.

Using this complex method and the worldwide revolutionary new  therapy of cell regeneration surprisingly good results have been achieved, helping the suffering patients to a new life.

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