Cell regeneration-Why?

Your cells as well as their renewal are in the focus at Dr. Losonczy Private Clinic. The human body is made up of cells, they are the smallest unit. So, you can well imagine, the whole body can be healthy only if each single cells are healthy.

Just think of a car! The most beautiful and fastest car can also be ruined with both short-term or long-term use, if certain parts -the engine, driving gear, tyres, steering wheel- are not in good condition due to the lack of servicing.

We care for your cells in the same way as you have your car fixed if it does not perform as well as you desire, or simply it has already broken down.  Our purpose is that you

  • gain more energy
  • feel more vitality
  • have more and better muscles
  • have healthy libido
  • can maintain your mental performance in old age
  • To sum up: can live a long and healthy life.
Healthy cells are the well performing engines of the body

This is why it is recommended to improve the performance ("horsepower") of your body  with cell regeneration. The following simple rule applies to this: the more energy the human body produces, the better it can renew the cells.

Unfortunately, our ability to produce energy  decreases with age. Our aim is to make every effort so that you can have the same or more energy in your eighties and nineties than you currently have, and you can enjoy this vitality in all life-situations for decades.

Just imagine: Altogether our cells have to produce as much energy every day as it is necessary not just to carry out physical activities- for instance walking, digestion, function of the heart, breathing-but necessary for mental activities and emotional life as well, such as thinking and pain.

Moreover, imagine that to complete this, we have to produce the weight of calories approximately the same as our body weight, if calories could be converted into kilograms. It is a lot, is not it? And our engine certainly has to perform well.

The secret of eternal youth, healing and prevention

The  Dr. Losonczy Private Clinic is engaged with exactly this. We determine in a personalized way what is missing from our cells, as well as what materials are possibly  of excess amount that should not be. We reveal what materials are in your body that inhibit the processes.

Participate in an "MOT" and have the condition of your "engine" determined. Have your cells examined. Gain vitality to have enough energy again.

And you do not have to do this every 7 years. Since you might have read somewhere that our cells are replaced every 7 years. This not necessarily works this way. At the back of our flyer you will find the list, from which you can learn the different periods of cell renewal. Thanks God, this does not happen only every 7 years.

  • This is why you will not become bald, however your hairs fall every day.
  • This is why the open wounds heal within short time.
  • And this is why the blood stream does not stop at blood donation.

Make a decision! Whether you will continue your life in the same way as before, or you devote yourself to establish your long and healthy life. Discuss with us and determine together the current condition of your body and what condition we can reach together. Call us and ask for an appointment! (Phone: +36-20 216 0663)

Cell type Life cycle
Small intestine epithelial cell 2-4 days
White blood cell (eosinophil) 2-9 days
Cells of the stomach wall 2-9 days
Neck of the womb (cervix) 6 days
Alveoli of the lungs 8 days
Taste buds on the tongue 10 days
Skin epithelial cells 10-30 days
Pancreas Beta cells 20-50 days
Sperm 2 months
Red blood cells 4 months
Liver cells 0,5-1 month
Fat cells 8 years
Eggs Their number is unchanged throughout life
The cells of the lens of the eye Their number is unchanged throughout life
Bones 10 % yearly