Long-lasting results can only be reached with stopping the source of the pain

Category: Joint pain 2016-07-21-10:12

We search for the causes also in case of joint problems. Experience shows that the source of the pain is not necessarily located on the same place where the pain develops. In case of shoulder pain the cause is to be identified around the cervical vertebrae, hip joint dislocation causes pain in the knees. [...]

Causes of the Migraine

Category: Headache 2016-06-28-15:51

Headache is in all of its forms a serious warning signal! It may have numerous causes. The static of the spinal column as well as hormonal imbalance, chronic accumulation of toxic materials are among them. [...]

Do you suffer from migraine?

Category: Headache 2016-06-27-11:33

Have you or someone you know suffered from migraine at least once? If yes, you are familiar with that pulsating pain that can come out of nowhere and compromises your everyday life to the point where it doesn't seem worth living anymore. The pain is frequently  accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound and smells, worsening this nearly insupportable state by nausea and vomiting. [...]