Do you suffer from migraine?

Do you suffer from migraine?

Category: Headache 2016-06-27-11:33

Have you or someone you know suffered from migraine at least once?

If yes, you are familiar with that pulsating pain that can come out of nowhere and compromises your everyday life to the point where it doesn't seem worth living anymore. The pain is frequently  accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound and smells, worsening this nearly insupportable state by nausea and vomiting.  

Probably you’ve already tried everything available to get to grips with the migraines. Doctor visits, pills, vitamins, natural remedies, changes in lifestyle and so forth. And when nothing would help, you sure would have asked yourself: Why me?

That is exactly the question we have been studying: What exactly is a migraine and why do some people suffer from it whereas others don't?  And the most important question: What has to be done in order to not suffer from it anymore?

In regard to the previous questions I can tell you two important things:

1. Human beings are individuals and as such they have to be examined in a personalised way. It means that the therapy might and even should have to differ from one person to another, even if they are showing the same symptoms as another.

2. The common treatments and therapies work symptomatic and not causative,  that's why their effects are only temporary.

Let me explain: Migraine stems from a vast amount of possible causes: among them even such that had been generally excluded by neurologists on previous examinantions (more details here).

As you see: One migraine might not be like another. And that is why patients can't all be treated the same. An individual approach is necessary

Let us now move away from symptom treatment over to cause study: The cause of every disease can be found in the cells.  We are all about shifting the cells into a healthy state, that means doing CELL REGENERATION. Only then will our body be able to heal.

Do yourself a favor: Entrust your migraine to our care!  Give us a call, make an appointment and we will design the appropriate therapy for you! (telephone: + 36 20 216 0603)