Causes of the Migraine

Causes of the Migraine

Category: Headache 2016-06-28-15:51

Headache is in all of its forms a serious warning signal!

It may have numerous causes. The static of the spinal column as well as hormonal imbalance, chronic accumulation of toxic materials are among them. The symptoms can be provoked by lack of vital substances as well as by excess of unwanted nutritional components in the body, nervous strain, load of the oral cavity with toxic and other extraneous  materials,  possibly chronic infections, or even intestinal problems due to an inappropriate diet, nicotine, lack of sleep and so on.

Determinant is the maching of the teeth, the position of the mandibular joint. In the background may lay also problems previous examinations have not revealed.

Migraine is with high frequency provoked  by  acute twisting (subluxatio) of the first cervical spine. The migraine-aura may be caused - according to the latest studies – by twisting, distortion and straining of the vertebra of the upper breast spinal column. The twisting of the cervical spine is directly interconnected with the matching of our teeth, with our bite. The twisted cervical spine opresses the soft parts in its surroundings and provokes the nerves, leading to painful inflamation in the web full of nerves.

The inflamed parts bring on a strong shot of neural pulses that are conveyed by the spinal marrow to the two big bundles of cervical nerves. The blood stream is blocked in the inflamed erea as well as in certain parts of the brain. The distribution of the blood changes both in and outside of the brain and this provokes the pain and the migraine complaints, the symptoms of their radiation.