About us

Dr. Losonczy Private Clinic

 IMC - Individualised Medicine for Cell Regeneration

If our cells are healthy our organs are healthy.
If our organs are healthy, our body is also healthy.
- Dr. Levente Losonczy

Our ultimate ambition is to regenerate your cells and to hold up the gained optimised condition. We’re achieving this through extensive diagnostics and an individually fitted therapy within a unique range of available treatments.

We want to pursue the optimised condition in cooperation with you to improve

  • Your vitality, so that you can feel good up to an old age
  • Your quality of life for an active family life
  • Your physical fitness, so that you will be able to pursue your hobbies for much longer
  • Your ability to perform, so that you will be able to work better and more efficient
  • Your appearance, so you can feel even better in your own skin