Joint pain

Do you suffer from chronic joint pain?

  • Can't you do sports any more in a way as you used to like so much?
  • Can you climb up the stairs with difficulty?
  • Is it totally impossible to romp with your children or grandchildren because of the pain?
This condition does not have to remain as it is. We have a solution!

The IMC (Individualised Medicine for Cell Regeneration) conception of Dr. Losonczy Private Clinic offers a unique and successful therapy to stop the excruciating joint pain. The result is long-lasting, you can have back your excellent life quality.

The magic word is CELL REGENERATION! Since life can be built on healthy cells only.

During the cell regeneration process you receive a treatment in which each element leads to the optimization of the smallest unit of the human body, the cell.

You can regain your former mobility in not more than four steps.

1. Special injections and infusions to nurture your cells. Your condition will significantly improve  with this step as well, however, the other three steps are also necessary to take to the complete therapy.

2. Restoring the position of dislocated bones with the help of our chiropractor, who has outstanding knowledge in Hungary; terminating limitations that have possibly been in existence for long time.

3. Stabilizing the temporomandibular joint to achieve the long-lasting effect of the therapy.

4. Treating the soft tissues-muscles, tendons, fascia- so that soft tissues cannot dislocate hard tissues.

If you would like to regain your former physical condition, feel well again, contact us. We are open to inform you how to achieve these.  We are happy to be able to introduce this therapy outstanding in Hungary.

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